Build Quality Lead Magnets that Drive Sales and Convert Clients

  • Explore 31 Varieties of Lead Magnets and How to Choose the Correct Lead Magnet for your Situation

  • Understand what Prospects are looking for in your lead magnet and understand how to deliver it every time.

  • How to convey your message clearly & concisely in a Lead Magnet

"You truly overdelivered  during this workshop, Dannella! Thank you for all of this value! I received so much!! Grateful for all of the connections and the content and the gifts!



($197 Value)


From the Stage..

to a Sales Call

DECEMBER 19th 3pm to 4:30pm EST

Join Dannella Burnett for a 1.5-Hour Workshop where she'll dive into how to move from speaking on the stage to converting clients in a sales call. She will be discussing best practices, the technology needed, and 31 of the best lead magnets you can use!

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Dannella Burnett

Event Producer | Speaker Strategist

Dannella Burnett works with speakers, authors, coaches and consultants to get them on more stages and get them paid. With a think outside the box mentality, Dannella finds solutions that others don't and makes things happen for those she works with.

Speakers Need to Speak was created because of her belief that speakers need to be on more stages and need help to get there. She and her team will bring the leads and the stages to you and help you find more opportunities.

What  Clients Have To Say

Dannella's dedication to her clients is unmatched. She is highly skilled, pays attention to every detail, and knows what needs to happen by when.

She has a gift for keeping "all the working parts" working!

Aside from her determination that your event is a complete success, she also curates trustworthy sources for peripheral services; replacing guesswork with proven certainty.

If you plan to host an event, Dannella & Co. is not just a nice have. If you desire a truly successful event, adding Encore Elite Events is a MUST have!


Wellness Production Co

“ From this experience, not only has my business grown, my confidence, communication and credibility has soared.”



"After joining her Speakers Need to Speak opportunity, I got booked on a very large stage. And that led to me getting booked on 4 stages and 2 podcasts in less than 90 days!

Dannella's very well connected and knows everyone. And what's more important - Everyone loves her! And, I'm a raving fan.”



Join Dannella Burnett for a 1.5-Hour Workshop

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